About My Surf Wax (MSW)

MSW is based in Sydney offering to the market the finest custom surf wax in the world! We also offer clean boxed wax and just wax. Our packaging and colour printing is second to none!

My Surf Wax About

About our products and process

All our surf wax is manufactured on Sydney’s Northern Beaches by Froth one of the most established wax manufacturers in Australia. MSW and Froth Surf Wax have entered into an exclusive partnership whereby we now have access to their advanced surf technology extra sticky all water surf wax. This breakthrough wax now means there is no need for cool or warm water wax. Extra sticky all water is now a one-stop shop. Use the wax in New Zealand one week and in Indonesia the next. This wax stays sticky in all water conditions.

All our printing is done with the latest in technology and all our wax boxes are a beautiful 350gsm organic looking Kraft box at 65 by 65 by 25mm.

Once you complete your order online and check out, your custom-designed wax box will be sent to our professional designers who will make sure everything is in order. They will then return the completed design to you for your final approval. Once you give your final approval printing will begin and before you know it, you will have your very own wax brand in your hands!


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